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Soffit, fascia, & Gutters

Soffit, Fascia, & Gutters
Soffit and Fascia Installation & Repair

BCK Construction takes care of your soffit or fascia repair services in Southwest Florida, as well as new installation. A damaged soffit and fascia can cause different problems and result in your property looking a mess and susceptible to the weather. If this problem occurs, consider our professional team that will visit your home, inspect your soffit and fascia, and provide a fair assessment for the best solution. Once the diagnosis has been made, we will consult the homeowner with our expert opinion on the proper resolution that's the most cost effective and safe for their home. After a decision is made, we'll remove the problematic soffit and fascia to install a new or repair the problem.

A modern graphite roof lining is attached to the trusses, visible cables and holes for LED


Whether it is the Architectural or the Three-tab shingles you want, we offer service for the best shingle roofs in Florida. Multiple colors and texture options available.

House corner with brown metal planks siding and roof with steel gutter rain system. Roofin


If you want tile roofs to increase the weight so you can protect your house against a hurricane, we'll make it for you. Multiple colors and text options available.

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We offer metal roof services in Florida for persons more inclined to energy efficiency, value, and durability from their roofs. Multiple colors and texture options available.

Scaffolding with three rows of wooden battens and a modern graphite soffit, visible H and

Install & Repair

Yes. BCK Construction also provides rolled roof services if you're in the market for flat or low angle pitched roofs. Rolled roofs are most commonly used on top of flat commercial roofs. 

Scaffolding with three rows of wooden battens and a modern graphite soffit, visible H and

Repair & Installation

Visually a home is expected to perform efficiently and look presentable and without gutters that can not be obtained. Without gutters there is no way for excess water to run off the roof properly without causing damage to the house. Even with gutters, problems can arise from poor installation, hurricane weather damaging and pulling off screws, as well as poor maintenance causing build ups that lead to gutter repair. That's why BCK Construction is here to provide you with the best gutter repair and installation services in Florida. We can install new gutters for your home to prevent mold, avoid soil erosion and damage to the foundation, and provide service for rain gutters installation and existing gutter repair.

How to Know Which Service You Need?

Although soffit and fascia problems are very prominent, you can easily tell if you need a new one or if repairs can be done. But still, having an expert opinion is beneficial. Call us, and our team of pro's will provide you with the assessment and solution. Here are some signs that tell you which soffit and fascia service is needed.

  • Damaged paint and cracks near the soffit and fascia.

  • Presence of asbestos on soffit and fascia.

  • Lack of ventilation in your attic or other living areas.

  • Presence of pests, bugs, and rodents in your attic or roof.

  • Visual wear and tear in the existing plastics.


When you see any signs, contact BCK Construction and have your soffit and fascia repaired by skilled professionals. From the moment the work starts to the moment  the service, we'll keep you posted about the progress and plan ahead so you are completely satisfied. We guarantee it!

Corner of a Roof Gutter_edited.jpg
A modern graphite roof lining is attached to the trusses, visible cables and holes for LED

When to Call BCK Construction for Repairs?

As soon as you see that your gutter is causing problems, you should call BCK Construction and have the gutters checked by the professionals from our team. Some signs can tell you if you need to repair or install new gutters.

  •  Damaged gutter walls

  • Water damage around or beneath the gutters

  • Gutters are pulling away from your roof

  • Peeling Paint on your home’s exterior

  • Pools of Water in your landscaping


Damaged gutters can affect your home’s foundation, siding, and landscaping. If the rain gutters are not functioning properly, it can also affect the upper portion of the house

Why Hire BCK Construction for Soffit, Fascia, and Gutter Services in Florida?

Having a trusted service provider for your gutter makes the job stress-free. That's why BCK Construction provides new gutter installations or repairs for all kinds, along with perfect soffit and fascia service. We provide 6-inch or 7-inch seamless gutters in different materials and colors. We also have color charts for your custom needs. As well as full service General Construction needs outside of just gutter repair and installation for your whole home.

A modern graphite roof lining is attached to the trusses, visible cables and holes for LED
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